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Moving on, moving up!

December 9, 2014

Simon 1

The Coachworks team bid a fond farewell to Simon Parker as he leaves to take up, possibly, his most exciting role to date.

Simon joined Coachworks Consulting as an Associate Consultant around 3 years ago and has been a valuable member of the team; bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge from his roles within the Motor Industry. Whilst at Coachworks Simon assisted with an internal review of the business and was influential in reorganising the back office; which led to the induction of Ella, our Business Support Executive. He has also helped to develop some of the new products and services for an ever-changing market and supported key client work. (more…)

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Make your own Waves

December 8, 2014

make your own waves imageAs the doors are opened on our Advent Calendars, the team at Coachworks have started casting their eyes over the past year and once again, in another record year for the industry, we can see that many of us have been riding on the wave of new car sales growth and have missed many opportunities elsewhere.

The 32 consecutive months of new car registration growth have been driven by Manufacturers’ incentives. Missing a payment threshold has disastrous consequences for dealers, and so many have self-registered cars to hit them. (more…)

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A marathon, not a sprint

December 5, 2014

shutterstock_117451765Whilst many have tried to create a selling philosophy in aftersales, most are still in the starting blocks, and those that have started the race don’t realise that they are in a marathon that will take them at least 5 years to make it cultural.

Most dealers and manufacturers now recognise that having a strategy for retaining and selling more to aftersales customers is essential. The tools are well known: sell service plans in order to ensure that customers return to you, then use a VHC process to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to supply the customers you have. (more…)

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Plans are Worthless

December 4, 2014

plans are worthless imageThis is traditionally the time of year when businesses complete their budget or financial plan for next year. Most businesses complete their plan, send their budgets to the Manufacturers and then put them into their accounting system ready for January. But are your plans any use, or are they just worthless?

General Dwight D Eisenhower once said “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything”. The point is that the value of the plan is in the planning; in the understanding about what you need to do in order to deliver it. It is about knowing where you are going as a business, understanding the long, short and medium term objectives and ensuring that everybody in the business understands what they need to do to deliver them. (more…)

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Are you attractive?

December 3, 2014

Sunday times best companies to work for logo 2As the Economy continues to improve, employees are starting to be mobilised. Those who have been reluctant to change employers during the recession are starting to look around for companies offering better prospects; and candidates are now considering the company’s attraction as an employer as much as the job or role.

Many companies have realised that it is important to build their brand as an employer, so that they are seen as being desirable to work for. This not only attracts potential future talent to the employer, but also serves to motivate and engage existing employees. (more…)

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