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Offline and On-Site

October 6, 2014

offlineAccording to JD Power, in 2005, the average car buyer visited 4.5 dealers before buying a car. The key to success back then was to ensure that your dealership was the one they remembered and went back to. Now, the average buyer visits just 1.4 dealers and is “transaction ready” when they arrive on site. The key now is to make sure that yours is the first showroom they visit. So just how is this achieved?

Buyers have never been so well informed. Over 90% of buyers visit more than 20 online sources before going on to visit 8 dealer websites, in order to select the showrooms they visit. Making sure that your site is found and selected for an on-site visit is critical in this latest digital era. (more…)

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Superman or Superficial?

October 2, 2014

superman In recent years, just about every retail group of a significant size has formed their own training department or academy, but is the impact they bring effective, when in-house trainers are expected to be all things to all men?

In reality the Training Manager is typically responsible for all aspects of non-technical training in all departments all of the time. Is this person being asked to be some sort of Superman, or are they just superficial? (more…)

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