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2013 – Good in Parts!

December 16, 2013

diaryAs we approach the time of year when we settle down for turkey and all the trimmings, and reflect on the year nearly passed: our thoughts here at Coachworks are drawn to a different kind of meal, eaten by a young aspiring clergyman…………… You remember the story; the new curate is served a rotten egg for his first breakfast with his new host. “How do you like your egg?” the Vicar’s wife asks. “Oh, er it’s good in parts” replies the Curate not wishing to offend. To us, 2013 has been a bit like that. Registrations are up 10% and already ahead of 2012. Profitability is heading for a record year according to ASE. Almost every week one of the big groups announces further acquisitions. (more…)

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Visionary Leadership

December 13, 2013

Tim PickeringOne of the reasons for the recent rise in consolidation within the industry is that Manufacturers are looking for ways out of situations with dealers who are under performing. With block exemption changes handing more power back to the manufacturers, there has never been a more important time to perform in every area of the business.

One dealer who recognised that he could achieve more was Tim Pickering; Managing Director of Stafford based dealership, Vision Motors. Said Tim, “Introducing a sales culture into aftersales was proving to be a big challenge. Despite our prolonged efforts, the overall performance of the business was slow in moving forward.  Having established a good team of people I decided that some external influence and training might help shift the needle.” (more…)

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Viva Vauxhall

December 11, 2013

Vauxhall LogoWith industry aftersales KPIs in decline and at best, stagnant, it was great to learn from client Vauxhall UK recently that their Aftersales business has continued to thrive!  This is due in no small part to the actions taken once they had recognised that, if left unchecked, the downturn in new vehicle sales in previous years would impact severely on aftersales revenues.

As the recession started to bite hard, almost without exception, manufacturers realised that the vehicle parc was shrinking and that this would damage both the manufacturer’s  and their dealers’ aftersales businesses. The remedy in most cases was to get behind Service Plans and the Visual Health Check process that many forward thinking dealers had already embraced. (more…)

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Driver or Passenger?

December 10, 2013

any-driver-car-insuranceThe upsurge in Dealer profitability during 2013 has for most been almost entirely driven by the New Car Sales department. Weak markets in Europe plus over supply of product, has resulted in Manufacturers channelling significant effort and money into the UK.  As the new car markets in the rest of Europe begin to slowly claw their way back to growth, manufacturer programmes are likely to become less lucrative for UK dealers. Being prepared for a reduction in support for the new car job is key to continuing the revival in the Car Sales department’s profitability. (more…)

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