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Coachworks Accelerating with Vauxhall

July 9, 2013

bubbly_insetCoachworks Consulting is forging even stronger links with Vauxhall UK.

For more than four years, Coachworks has had a close operational relationship with leaders and managers across the network and at the manufacturer itself through the Road 2 Growth programme.

The next phase of Road to Growth has now started to roll-out, with in-dealership accelerator meetings across the UK.

Road to Growth Accelerator helps Retail Operators and Service Managers drive their performance forward; both in respect of the customer experience and their financial performance. (more…)

Ten Ways to Make More Money From Used Cars

Used CarsOkay, hang on to your hats. Here, for possibly the first time in history, is a useful Top 10 list – the Coachworks Consulting Top 10 Ways to Make More Money From Used Cars.

Top 10 lists are everywhere. All over the world, PR and marketing types are in cahoots with market research companies to come up with lists they think will increase sales of whatever it is they’re flogging.

There is even a website dedicated to collating these pieces of in-depth research, although I’ve yet to figure out exactly why.

What we really do know about at Coachworks, however, is improving revenues and margins at automotive retailers. (more…)

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Vision Stafford Transformed Aftersales – And So Can You

The satisfaction we get when a client says Coachworks Consulting helped his business deliver “phenomenal results” is immense.

Sales at Vision Stafford have risen by a business-transforming 20 per cent, without costs going up. Here’s how they did it.

Managing Director Tim Pickering ploughed his own money and a venture capital loan into the Vauxhall dealership just before the Credit Crunch hit.

Fast forward 18 months and the business had lost a significant amount of money and the headcount had been reduced by 25 per cent.

A few years on, Tim has not only weathered the storm, but also developed a good team of people generating largely upper quartile results. (more…)

Coachworks to Drive Innovation

July 8, 2013


Innovators keep innovating. They can’t help themselves. It’s just what they do. And Drive Motor Retail should be congratulated for continuing to push the boundaries with the help of Coachworks Consulting.

Drive has long been regarded as an innovator in motor retail, developing structures and processes outside the industry norm.

The result is a culture where above-average just isn’t good enough, and we’re really pleased that the group has asked us to keep an upward pressure on standards and results.

Coachworks has carried out a robust assessment of the customer experience at three Drive sites, watching how customers are dealt with and identifying opportunities to increase revenues. (more…)