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Pole 2 Pole: New Dates Unveiled

February 21, 2013

Coachworks Consulting and Motor Trade Consulting UK have revealed new dates for their groundbreaking Pole 2

Pole 2 Pole

Pole programme – workshops which address the polarisation in retailer performance.

Business leaders can now benefit from Pole 2 Pole on March 21 in Newbury and April 18 in Birmingham.

Topics discussed during this one-day interactive programme will range from “guerrilla tactics” for survival to industry-leading habits to release cash immediately for investment.

This is a joint initiative created by the two businesses, and it is being driven and delivered by Coachworks Managing Director Karl Davis and Simon Parker, Managing Director at Motor Trade Consulting. (more…)

Move With The Times to Thrive in 2013, Retailers Urged

February 20, 2013

mainCoachworks Consulting has echoed calls for dealer groups to adapt to the current economy rather than concentrating on delivering pre-recessionary revenues.

The comments come after accountancy and business management firm BDO found that although combined turnover at the top 150 dealer groups was up 2 per cent year on year, gross margin reduction led to operating profits falling £96 million to £549 million.

Retailers need to think and act differently in 2013, argues Coachworks – and it has introduced a series of three-point plan across Sales, Aftersales and Leadership to help them do just that. (more…)

Commitment To Growth Pays Off At J Toomey

February 17, 2013

Essex group J Toomey Motors is reaping the rewards of its latest partnership with Coachworks Consulting.

The business has already benefited from Vauxhall UK’s Road to Growth programme which identified strategies and processes that will deliver a performance culture throughout the network.

J Toomey then commissioned Coachworks to develop The Road Ahead, showing people how to build relationships and sell on value rather than price in this increasingly digital age.

In addition, approaches to enquiry management and customer service were overhauled, while the appraisal process was redesigned to turn “handbrake” team members into “accelerators.” (more…)

Rollercoaster Ride to Success at FRF Motors

February 15, 2013


Revenues are on the up at FRF Motors after the South Wales group brought in Coachworks Consulting to improve aftersales.

The Vauxhall, Chevrolet and Mazda retailer is part way through Race 4 Growth – a 26-week, bespoke business improvement programme that transforms aftersales, direct profit and customer experience scores.

More VHCs are being carried out, more work is being identified and more of that work is being sold.

At the Swansea business, more than 95 per cent of eligible vehicles entering the workshop received VHCs in January – a significant increase on the same month last year

Red upsell has risen to more than 50 per cent, while the average red and amber sales per VHC also increased significantly in January to £75.90. (more…)