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A marathon, not a sprint

December 5, 2014

shutterstock_117451765Whilst many have tried to create a selling philosophy in aftersales, most are still in the starting blocks, and those that have started the race don’t realise that they are in a marathon that will take them at least 5 years to make it cultural.

Most dealers and manufacturers now recognise that having a strategy for retaining and selling more to aftersales customers is essential. The tools are well known: sell service plans in order to ensure that customers return to you, then use a VHC process to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to supply the customers you have. (more…)

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Now that’s what I call Recruitment!

July 3, 2014

London dealer group Now Vauxhall know that hiring the wrong people can be toxic to business, so when they recently decided to double the team size of a department, they called in Coachworks to help.

Now, a growing business with 8 sites, recognises the importance of its Call Centre or “Business Development Centre” (BDC) in driving appointments, up-sell opportunities and customer retention. They know that whilst the cost of recruiting the right people can be high; the cost of hiring the wrong person and that person staying can be much higher!

So, just as it is important to fix cars right first time, recruiting right first time is vital. Imagine the cost of the lost opportunities arising from poor conversion rates because enquiries are approached in the wrong way, or the cost of failing to engage with customers or even worse upsetting them?

The cost of recruitment is high, and with national call centre attrition running at 24% per annum (Call Centre Operations Labour Market Report) the cost of getting it wrong leads to re-recruitment and more training costs. However, NOW group recognised that if they wanted to do the job properly and recruit the right people first time, then they needed some expert assistance. In selecting their provider, Jon Taylor, NOW Managing Director said that “Coachworks were the perfect partners.”

Working with the management team at NOW, Coachworks first identified the 5 key activities (Value Drivers) a call centre operative should actually do each day, then based on these value drivers, developed a ten step Assessment Centre. Through a series of practical exercises and competency based interviews, they ensured that the candidates had the skills required to deliver the value drivers of the role; as they handled outbound as well as inbound calls.

The process demonstrated Now’s commitment to getting the recruitment right first time and in the process, was as much an employer brand builder, as it was a team builder. Candidates could see that the process was thorough, and this built desirability for the role and increased acceptance rates after job offers were made.

Having recruited the team, the vital next stage was the induction period. With 50-60% of the attrition in call centres happening within the first 90 days of appointment, NOW knew that this first period is critical, so again asked Coachworks to support an initial two week induction programme.

NOW Managing Director Jon Taylor said of the training…“It’s fun, exciting, engaging and stimulates the people taking part”…“the best way to describe it is the recruits actually asked when are Coachworks coming back?”

As a company that set out in 2002 to “Build performance improvement,” Coachworks understand that the start point for this is careful recruitment and high impact inductions; so offer Assessment Centres and Fast Track Inductions as part of their growing suite of products and services.

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Can You Afford Not To?

April 11, 2014


Suzuki and Vauxhall Dealer group, Eastbourne Motoring Centre is delighted to report record results after completing a 6 month Leadership programme in conjunction with Coachworks Consulting.

Managing Director Mark Lambird commissioned the programme in order to develop the leadership skills within his management team, so that they would be well placed to take advantage of future opportunities to expand. Not only has the programme delivered on this, it has led to some remarkable business results in the first quarter of the year. (more…)

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Challenging the Status Quo at the AM Conference

April 9, 2014

Coachworks’ Managing Director, Karl Davis, was a main stage speaker at the recent AM Aftersales Conference.

Having worked with many major manufacturers, Coachworks have become recognised throughout the industry as experts in creating performance culture in Aftersales departments, so it was no surprise that this was the subject on which Karl was invited to speak. (more…)

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Coachworks Supports New “DTI”

April 1, 2014

Coachworks Consulting are today pleased to announce an agreement to support the UK Coalition Government’s push to strengthen the Automotive Sector, as it continues the rebuild after years of decline.

Working with the department formerly known as the DTI, Coachworks has agreed to assist The Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Conduct (BERC) by supporting current and future initiatives for one year from 01.04.14, after which point the position will be “reviewed.” (more…)

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