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Challenging the Status Quo at the AM Conference

April 9, 2014

Coachworks’ Managing Director, Karl Davis, was a main stage speaker at the recent AM Aftersales Conference.

Having worked with many major manufacturers, Coachworks have become recognised throughout the industry as experts in creating performance culture in Aftersales departments, so it was no surprise that this was the subject on which Karl was invited to speak. (more…)

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Coachworks V the BBC?

January 10, 2014

In conversation with Radio 2

As news of a 10.8% increase in car sales during 2013 hit the headlines, Coachworks MD Karl Davis explains the benefit that consumer credit plays in funding new car purchases, and defends UK retails sales as genuinely good news.

Hear for yourself the interview with Jeremy Vine from BBC 2 by clicking the play icon.


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One Trick Pony Performance?

October 14, 2013

One trick ponyIs your success in 2013, like so many, exclusively down to a new car sales performance on the back of a surging market? The latest industry stats reveal that Aftersales, for so long the back bone of dealer profitability is at best stagnant, with every KPI related to Service either static or in decline.

In our last Newsletter, we addressed the top 10 tips on Used Cars. This time we give you 10 tips to increase retail work in the Service Department

  1. Understand your customers’ needs and build rapport. Make sure you have enough time to achieve this. Present appropriate upsell products in a manner that suits the customer.

  2. Be true to your brand. You are experts at what you do, so DEMONSTRATE what your customer will receive from you that your competitors won’t be able to deliver.

  3. Build Loyalty. Give your customers great service so that they WANT to come back to you, but also sell them a Service plan to make sure they stay loyal!

  4. Ask questions in a consistent manner. Implement a robust sales process that everybody follows and ASK for the business!

  5. Understand your vehicle parc and market the hot spots with compelling offers. Review tomorrow’s job cards today and identify where there are opportunities to sell Service Plans.

  6. Add value!  TELL the customer about the FOC items such as Wash and Vac, Courtesy Cars, Collection and delivery, Wi-Fi, refreshments etc.

  7. Motivate the team. Implement motivating pay plans, implement popular incentives and introduce targets and performance reviews to make them WANT to sell

  8. Have a fitness regime! Make sure that everyone in your team is trained to do the job you want them to do and Coach them to ensure they remain at the top of their game.

  9. Manage the Sales Process. Make sure your VHC process is robust and that it is carried out, priced up, and approved within 45 minutes of the vehicle entering the workshop.

  10. Win more red work by second facing declined work and providing discounts where appropriate. Follow up amber work robustly.

The growth in new vehicle sales will start to positively impact on Service Departments in the next few years. Those businesses that take control of their destiny right now will start see the work increase immediately!


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Warning!! You’re selling too many cars!

warningThe new Car Market continues to go from strength to strength in the UK, and the latest profitability figures from ASE reveal that by the end of August the average dealer was achieving 1.34% Return on Sales. That’s 146% of last year’s figure!

Many of the Key Performance Indicators have shown significant improvement in the last couple of years, none more so than Sales per Sales Executive, which is running at 197 units per executive against a benchmark of 150. Great news! Or is it?
This has been bothering me for some time.

At an average of 197 Sales per Executive, are Sales Executives hungry enough to present additional products and services in an appropriate manner? Are the extra earnings this brings making some of them too comfortable?

Several business owners have told us recently that once the sales per sales executive reaches this sort of level, some Executives take their foot off the gas and cherry pick what they will sell. It all becomes a little too comfortable for them, and some of the high value incremental products, that are important to the business, may not be seem so important to the sales executive.

So having a very high throughput decreases upsell as well as watering down the customer experience.

Sales Executive pay plans should provide an attractive OTE calculated around delivering the desired mix of products, volume and profit.

I would urge every business to review the level of sales per executive, to establish whether an increase in unit sales is having an impact on ancillary, but often high margin products and services. If it is, then consider appointing additional Sales Executives. The cost is negligible compared to the additional revenues and customer experience this will deliver.

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Leading the way in Eastbourne

carsCoachworks are delighted to announce that Eastbourne Motoring Centre Group (EMC) has recently commissioned the Coachworks team to work with them on a leadership programme. This follows on from EMC’s enthusiastic and successful participation in Vauxhall’s Road to Growth 2 and more recently the Road to Growth Accelerator Programme.

We are delighted that Eastbourne Motoring Centre has chosen Coachworks as their partner in this exciting programme. We will be working EMC’s Managing Director, Mark Lambird and nine of his key managers from Sales, Service, Parts, Bodyshop and Export. We first met Mark on the Vauxhall Road 2 Growth programme, and this latest phase has reignited his interest in developing his management team.

Leadership coaching is just one of Coachworks four areas of expertise. Our approach majors on the differentiation between leadership and management, and actively creates a culture of coaching key individuals, rather than allowing them to be distracted by low level administration and other “time stealers”.

By focussing on the most senior team, we help them maximise their positive influence many times over and so increase their return on investment; we call it the “multiplier effect”.

Mark Lambird, Managing Director of EMC said
“For the past 18 months or so, I have been considering putting my management team through some sort of development programme; to take them to the next level.”

He continued, “Experience has taught me that doing everything yourself is not the most effective way of managing a business. We need to develop the leadership skills within the management team to ensure that we are able to take advantage of any opportunities that may come our way and to ensure that we have a robust succession plan.

We have worked with the Coachworks team on a couple of programmes now and have always found them effective in what they do, and they have definitely made a difference to us. I believe that their leadership programme will have the same sort of impact.”
Eastbourne Motoring Centre Ltd employs just under 100 people. Besides Vauxhall, the EMC Group of companies also encompasses Eastbourne Used Cars, Eastbourne Suzuki and Eastbourne Mitsubishi.

EMC also specialises in selling vehicles to the Armed forces based abroad.

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