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Brexit uncertainty triggers dealer staff cuts and recruitment freeze

26 September 2019

Brexit uncertainty is prompting some dealers to suspend staff recruitment, while others are planning layoffs.

Institutionalised acceptance of low overhead absorption is causing long term damage to OEMs and retailers

28 May 2019

OEMs, their NSCs and retailer networks need to upweight plans to stop the erosion of overhead absorption across the franchised sector, if the viability of their operations is to be improved and customer confidence maintained.

Karl Davis' view on the March 2019 New Car Market

08 April 2019

The market fall in the all-important March plate-change and Q1 is hardly surprising considering the macroeconomic headwinds. We know there was plenty of tactical activity over the course of the month which makes the -2.8% fall in retail demand hugely disappointing.

Dealers must end “reckless” recruitment to slow staff churn, as UK employment reaches a record high

20 March 2019

20 March 2019 Motor retailers need to end the “reckless” approach to recruitment to slow high staff churn and face the reality of the lowest levels of unemployment since the 1970s.

Dealers Urged To Prepare Workshops for Record Influx of MoTs

28 January 2019

Dealers warned to prepare for record MoT swell or risk losing the business

Managing Director Karl Davis talks about his recent speaking engagement at the Motor Trade Summit 2018

05 December 2018

Video of MD Karl Davis talking about his recent speaking engagement at the Motor Trader Summit 2018