Karl’s Diary: I’ve become a fat fighter!

17 September 2018

Karl’s Diary: I’ve become a fat fighter!

Karl’s Diary: I’ve become a fat fighter!

Some of you will be familiar with this scenario.

Up and out early to be in the car for a client meeting the other side of the country. Stop en route at a certain well known provider of rapid delivery sustenance for breakfast and consume; food in one hand, mobile in the other.

Then off to the meeting. Mid-morning coffee and biscuits. Break at lunch for a sandwich with a fizzy drink and probably a bag of crisps. Finally arriving home late and washing down dinner with a well-deserved (large) glass of red wine as it’s either been a successful or frustrating day.

Then before you know it the alarm goes off and it’s all repeated, Groundhog Day style.
The issue for me is that most of those meetings are spent with dealer managers cajoling and coaching them on how they need to be more disciplined and can sweat their assets to maximise performance.

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing this but I’ve slowly realised that I’m stood in front of them carrying excess baggage; hardly an example of self-discipline or how to operate at optimum performance.
That’s why I’ve set myself an easily measurable performance target. I’m going to lose 2 stones (12.7kgs) in 2 months to raise £2K for Cancer Research UK.

If you would like to help motivate me to fight the flab and raise funds for an outstanding charity, whose good work touches all too many of us, then visit my Karl's Giving page.
Also, if I visit you over the next couple of months mine’s a white and no sugars…and definitely no biscuits!


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