Why entering industry awards is good for business

20 March 2018

I’ve had the honour of being on the judging panel of the Motor Trader Awards for the last three years, and have never failed to be impressed by the passion that comes across in the many entries I’ve assessed.

Why entering industry awards is good for business

In my experience not enough dealers put themselves forward for awards. As a consultant I’ve had the pleasure to work with some outstanding car retailers, many of whom consistently set high industry benchmarks for best practice in sales, aftersales and customer satisfaction; but don’t enter awards.

It’s worth looking at the bigger picture. What would being shortlisted for an award, let alone winning one, mean to your business?

Wouldn’t you like your customers to know you’ve been considered worthy to be a finalist for a national award? What marketing value would you put on displaying a winner’s logo in the showroom, on your website and across your social media channels?

Being nominated for (and winning!) awards is also good for employee morale; everyone wants to be part of a winning team and this is an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of your staff.

Also, what better signal could you give potential employees than promoting your dealership as one of the best in the business to work for? This is an important consideration if you want your brand to stand out from the crowd and attract and retain the best staff in this time of full employment where there are more opportunities than people in the car retailing sector.

For all these reasons I would argue that you can’t afford not to invest time in putting yourself forward for an industry award and being recognised as being the best at what you do. 

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