Are you attractive?

03 December 2014

As the Economy continues to improve, employees are starting to be mobilised. Those who have been reluctant to change employers during the recession are starting to look around for companies offering better prospects; and candidates are now considering the company’s attraction as an employer as much as the job or role.

Are you attractive?

Many companies have realised that it is important to build their brand as an employer, so that they are seen as being desirable to work for. This not only attracts potential future talent to the employer, but also serves to motivate and engage existing employees.

Far sighted employers know that having a strong employer brand is a way of attracting candidates away from other companies, even in times of job insecurity when employees’ natural preference is to stay in what they perceive are “safe” roles with their current employer.

More and more businesses in the automotive industry are aiming to be ranked amongst the UK “Best Companies to work for”. This survey ranks the top 100 companies according to how their employees perceive they perform in respect of 7 key criteria:- leadership, employee wellbeing, how well the company “gives something back”; opportunities for personal growth; how the staff feel towards their manager; how staff feel about their team; and pay and benefits. Being ranked in the top 100 ensures a strong employer brand.

Other companies undertake activities designed to build their reputation locally and have developed a strong web presence with articles and videos that show employees and potential employees the things that differentiate them from the competition.

Companies have also realised that there should be differentiation in the way they recruit. Building a reputation as an employer means hiring the right people in the first place, and you cannot make a carefully considered employment decision based upon one interview. A multi-method approach should be adopted for recruitment embracing, amongst others, personality profiling, psychometric testing, role playing, presentations and competency based interviews. The methods adopted should be designed to ensure that only the candidates with the best fit for the organisation, as well as the job role, are recruited.

Coachworks can assist your business to recruit and keep the best with our assessment centres and fast track inductions.

Our bespoke assessment centres are a comprehensive approach to testing, selecting and hiring the best and most appropriate people for your business. Through a series of real world, role specific competency based assessments; we ensure that you only recruit the right people into to your team.

We can design, write and facilitate the whole process for up to 50 candidates and provide a balanced scorecard of the results with clear recommendations for employment. This ensures that you are using a professional approach to building your company’s brand, and your team.

Fast track inductions ensure that your new recruits make the best start in their new role. Supporting them for the important first 90 days, we provide the environment to ensure they succeed.

For further information on building an employer brand, recruiting and inducting employees please contact Karl Davis on 01335 324325.

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