Value Engineer Your People

30 September 2014

When buying equipment, many companies adopt a value engineering approach to ensure that it does all of the tasks required for the best price. This is achieved by first producing a detailed specification of the tasks that the equipment is required to perform. When it comes to hiring people many companies fail to do this, letting themselves and the employee down.

Value Engineer Your People

The problem is that many companies focus on the wrong things. They are so busy focusing on putting the legal paperwork in place to protect themselves in the event that the employee fails to meet their requirements that they fail to put in place the very measures that would prevent that happening in the first place.

It is not just the automotive sector that is guilty of this shortfall. Trawl the internet for HR documentation and you will find plenty on legal contracts and job descriptions but very little on what actually drives performance.

In many cases, two people doing the same job in the same business will have two different answers when you ask them “What 5 things do you need to do to succeed in your job?” People are hung up on job titles rather than their actual tasks and Coachworks believe that this is WRONG!

Every team member should know what input actions are required to deliver the expected output results for their role. At Coachworks we call these input actions Value Drivers. They are the equivalent of the specification of a piece of equipment.

Value Drivers set out the key actions required to succeed in the role. In our experience, we find when Value Drivers are limited to just five, but then accompanied by five specific examples of how to deliver upon each, employees have a clarity of purpose like never before.

Once written, the Value Drivers have multiple uses. When the job becomes available, Value Drivers should be used to craft the job advert and briefing notes for the recruitment consultant, if used.

At interview, competency based questions are developed with reference to the Value Drivers, ensuring that the candidate can demonstrate that they have the skill set and experience required.

Once the employee is recruited, Value Drivers will shape the induction process and ongoing future training and development plans. If things don’t go as planned, they also form a vital part of a performance management process!

Given the importance of Value Drivers, it should come as no surprise that we have developed a growing library of the Value Drivers required for motor retailing. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to add to this when we identify new roles or when clients need specific support.

At Coachworks, we practise what we preach and Value Drivers are used in all our recruitment and colleague development programmes. We don’t just hire people, we value engineer them!

Senior Consultant Adrian Baker is our in-house expert on Value Drivers. For an example of specific Value Drivers, please contact Adrian on 01335 324 325 or via email at

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