A Route to Performance

04 July 2014

The economy is on the up and the brakes have come off Manufacturers’ corporate identity programmes, making this a time for investment for many retailers.

A Route to Performance

One such business is Coleraine based Kia and Vauxhall retailer Roadside Garages, which has traded in Northern Ireland for more than twenty five years.

Having recently made a quarter of a million pound investment to upgrade their facilities, it was recognised that net profitability needed to increase by around £50k per annum for several years in order to recoup the investment.

With a long established team, there was no reason to suppose things would naturally change and it was recognised that a catalyst was required to transform the business to deliver the required increase in returns. Owner David Boyd has commissioned Coachworks to work with him to improve the capability of the management team and in doing so, improve performance and profitability across all departments.

Having analysed the situation, it was clear that the best way to grow the business was through helping the management team to lead the business more effectively to deliver the results. A leadership programme, entitled “The Road Ahead” was identified as the best option.

The programme uses a variety of methods to develop the leadership skills of the managers. Through a combination of growth appraisal, workshops and 1 to 1 coaching sessions, both leadership confidence and competence are being developed with the positive impact being felt across the business.

With the journey having now commenced, MD David reports that “managers can already be seen taking their roles more seriously and looking at their value drivers with renewed vigour and in a whole new light.” David continued “we chose Karl and his team at Coachworks quite simply because we saw them as an energetic company who have a wealth of experience in managing change and promoting best practice in the pursuit of better performance in all areas of the business. We simply didn’t want an ordinary training company and that’s something that Coachworks are not!”

As passionate purveyors of leadership development programmes, Coachworks understand that in developing managers, the positive impact can then be shared across the business, and so provides a “multiplier effect.” To learn more about the leadership development, why not visit the “Areas of Expertise” pages at www.coachworks-consulting.com

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