Coachworks Support New DTI

01 April 2014

Coachworks Consulting are today pleased to announce an agreement to support the UK Coalition Government’s push to strengthen the Automotive Sector, as it continues the rebuild after years of decline.

Coachworks Support New DTI

Working with the department formerly known as the DTI, Coachworks has agreed to assist The Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Conduct (BERC) by supporting current and future initiatives for one year from 01.04.14, after which point the position will be “reviewed.”

Coachworks Consulting, well known as analysts and advisors to both the motor manufacturing and retail sector, have a long time reputation for delivering results and with just fifteen months of the current term of government remaining, commentators believe that the coalition needs more heavyweight support to stimulate the economy and jobs.

With a growing presence in the UK media and strong community links, Coachworks was contacted by their local Conservative Party Chairman for “investigative” talks, of which Transport Secretary, The Rt Hon. Patrick McCloughlan MP represents the constituency of Derbyshire Dales where Coachworks Consulting is based.

As a result of an exhaustive process, Coachworks’ MD Mr Karl Davis was selected to be a BERC representative for The Midlands, and in doing so, has for the first time publically aligned the company to a political party. Mr Davis has been a lifelong Conservative supporter and is acquainted with fellow Northerner, The Rt. Hon. William Hague MP, Cabinet Minister and also said to be a BERC advisor.

Pictured together at a St George’s Day business event several years ago.

It is understood that earlier BBC media coverage including a “lively” interview with Radio 2′s Jeremy Vine, has raised awareness of Davis and Coachworks within Westminster. The company’s determination for fair play, not only for the UK motor industry, but also the UK motorist, has created a spike of interest in the opinions, work and results of this Midland based company right across the UK.

Davis pictured fighting for motorists in his home town of Ashbourne in 2011.

When asked for a comment earlier this morning, Karl Davis said that “on this day I have decided to take a moment away from existing commitments, in an attempt to raise the spirits of our many friends and associates within the industry,” and continued by saying that “by becoming an official BERC advisor, this will allow me not only to advise the government on policy and they way that they support the Motor Sector, but also provide an opportunity to raise morale in a sector that desperately needs the fun bringing back into it.”

Ella Rolph, Business Support Executive at Coachworks, has confirmed that on the occasions that Karl Davis is acting as a BERC advisor, Senior Consultant Adrian Baker will deputise in his absence.

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