Ridiculously Good Results

24 March 2014

A leadership programme at Eastbourne Motoring Centre has delivered “ridiculously good” retail car sales, along with improved communication and closer team work throughout the business.

Ridiculously Good Results

Managing Director Mark Lambird commissioned Coachworks to design and deliver the programme in order to develop the leadership skills within his management team.  His goal was to ensure that they are able to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise and to ensure a robust succession plan.

Said Mark, “As is often the case with change, we experienced some discomfort and there were times during the process when I questioned what we were doing.” Despite the discomfort and the challenges, the team are about to complete the programme and Mark has been delighted with the results. “The great thing is that it has all come together, and as a result, the management team is communicating better, and managing the business more effectively.”

“In terms of results, our retail sales department has had a ridiculously good quarter and the business has run much more smoothly despite the busier times. The visual display boards we have been using have made a huge difference.  We are more organised and we talk to each other a lot more.”

The results in Aftersales will take a little more time to evaluate, but Lambird is convinced that the management techniques and visual display methods will deliver the desired financial results. However, the changes in behaviour are already noticeable.

“I am 100% more confident in my management team” said the EMC boss. “In the past we had times when we had the potential to expand the business, and if I’m honest, when they didn’t come off, I have been slightly relieved because I wasn’t sure how the team would cope. Now, if any opportunities were to arise I know that we have a much better chance of turning an opportunity into a success.”

Eastbourne Motoring Centre Ltd employs just under 100 people. Besides Vauxhall, the EMC Group of companies also encompasses Eastbourne Used Cars, Eastbourne Suzuki and Eastbourne Mitsubishi.

EMC also specialises in selling vehicles to the Armed forces based abroad.

Leadership coaching is one of Coachworks’ four areas of expertise. Coachworks majors on the differentiation between leadership and management, and actively creates a culture of coaching key individuals, rather than allowing them to be distracted by low level administration and other “time stealers”. For more information contact Emily Sanders or Ella Rolph on 01335 324325.

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