Digital Soul Man

20 March 2014

With Customers now making just 1.4 showroom visits before buying a new car, it’s critical to engage with them on a human level to win their business.

Digital Soul Man

Last year J D Power revealed that the average customer visited just 1.4 showrooms before signing on the dotted line, compared to 4.5 in 2005.  Clearly the digital technology that informs and empowers today’s consumers, makes it all the more important to connect on a “human” level at every touch point and from the very start, and Coachworks is calling on retailers to “put some soul into their digital strategy” says Senior Consultant Adrian Baker.

“Savvy dealers already know that when used correctly, technology can help to accelerate performance when handled by customer focussed staff” says Adrian, adding “the best performers actively engage with potential customers even before they enter the buying window, let alone when they enter the showroom.  However, too many manufacturers and their retailers adopt showroom (and workshop) systems as part of the digital trend, but have insufficient understanding and focus thereafter to make them work best for the customer.”

We see this when we look at the EVHC process in Aftersales, where it is the quality of the human interaction with the customer in conjunction with the technology that makes the difference between a good and bad performance.  The same applies in New Car Sales and it’s here that urgency is required if retailers are to be the chosen supplier for increasingly time poor customers.

Mr Baker points out that “the digital tools available to car sales departments are on the increase, and when used correctly, they will improve enquiry management and customer interaction.  Used incorrectly and customers are alienated.  Websites, Live Chat, video technology and social media are among the essential elements that must be embraced and used effectively.”

Over the past three years Coachworks have developed a culture change programme called Soul Provider to help dealers to connect with customers on a human level through these digital media and face to face.  The programme equips the sales team to improve enquiry handling from both digital and traditional sources.  Recognising the importance of the relationship with the individual customer in the digital age, Soul Provider is designed to address the needs of the whole sales team. It focuses on inspiring sales leaders to aim higher, set targets, inspire performance and utilise tactics that deliver tangible results.

Over a 26 week period, through 10 key stages, Soul Provider inspires, challenges and motivates the sales team to deliver growth in the New Car Sales Department.

For further information on Soul Provider, please contact Adrian Baker, Senior Consultant via

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