Visionary Leadership

13 December 2013

One of the reasons for the recent rise in consolidation within the industry is that Manufacturers are looking for ways out of situations with dealers who are under performing.

Visionary Leadership

With block exemption changes handing more power back to the manufacturers, there has never been a more important time to perform in every area of the business.

One dealer who recognised that he could achieve more was Tim Pickering; Managing Director of Stafford based dealership, Vision Motors. Said Tim, “Introducing a sales culture into aftersales was proving to be a big challenge. Despite our prolonged efforts, the overall performance of the business was slow in moving forward.  Having established a good team of people I decided that some external influence and training might help shift the needle.”

After discussions with Karl, Tim decided that a custom made development programme could help his management team to deliver a performance that would generate significant returns for the business. “We had worked with Coachworks through the Road 2 Growth programme, and had found the training they delivered to be credible and inspiring.  I engaged Coachworks for a one day ‘Growth Appraisal’ to identify the opportunity in the business.  From this process my expectation was that there was at least £50k of upside available to us if we could crack the Selling Culture challenge. We needed to increase our retail hours per job card which seemed permanently stuck at 1.5.”

“Having decided to implement a 26 week culture change process, we decided that to have maximum effect the whole team needed to participate in the offsite full day workshops together.  The only way to do this was by working weekends so that is exactly what we did.  The participants were the Managing Director, Aftersales Manager, Service Advisors, Service Admin, Telesales executive, Lead Technician, and Marketing Manager.”

“We have seen tremendous growth in our aftersales business in 2013 which has added £70k to the bottom line in service and £30k to the bottom line through Parts.  Our retail hours per job card has risen to 1.7 and the growth in our financial performance quoted is AFTER having paid the Coachworks fees!”

“By embracing a culture change process like this, Retailers can enjoy phenomenal growth in their Aftersales business.  The magic ingredients are;

1. The commitment and passion of the Business Leader,
2. Driven and Focused line management,
3. A motivated and well led team,
4. Coachworks consulting – whose experience will inspire the team and take them to next level”

If you want to lead from the front, contact me directly on or 07974 453584 for more information on how our tailored leadership programmes can help you. 

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