Coachworks Accelerating with Vauxhall

09 July 2013

Coachworks Consulting is forging even stronger links with Vauxhall UK.

Coachworks Accelerating with Vauxhall

For more than four years, Coachworks has had a close operational relationship with leaders and managers across the network and at the manufacturer itself through the Road 2 Growth programme.

The next phase of Road to Growth has now started to roll-out, with in-dealership accelerator meetings across the UK.

Road to Growth Accelerator helps Retail Operators and Service Managers drive their performance forward; both in respect of the customer experience and their financial performance.

Working alongside the Vauxhall field team, the Coachworks Consultant helps dealer management to score their current operation, against the top fifty “how to” actions that are proven to accelerate performance.

Early signs are very encouraging with significant opportunities being found in every single dealer visit, and specific action plans drawn up for field team follow-up and support.

In addition to Road to Growth in Aftersales, Coachworks is also developing its relationship with Vauxhall through the GM Academy, in support of management development for car sales as well as service.

Coachworks has been improving performance in car sales for manufacturers and retailers since we started in 2002, and we are delighted to be lending support in this area to Vauxhall. Going forward we will be using this experience to create and deliver line manager learning and development programmes for the GM Academy.

Coachworks is proud to be one of those suppliers with which Vauxhall is choosing to partner to progress this initiative.

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