Pilot Programme – prepare for take-off!

20 April 2013

At Coachworks we understand that for some accepting change isn’t easy. It’s certainly not easy to embrace change, as we are often urged to these days.

Pilot Programme – prepare for take-off!

But we believe we’ve come up with a programme that will not only help you embrace change, but also ask it to dinner and maybe even try to take it home for coffee.

The green shoots of recovery are starting to show, and retailers should be congratulated for increasing retail car sales at a time when consumer confidence is low. But this is still going to be a year when only the fittest will really prosper.

Which means facing the C-word head on, I’m afraid. But trust us. It will be worth it, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

From our extensive research, the greatest opportunity for growth in car retailing is enquiry management. Many dealer groups have a high enquiry burn rate – which is why we’ve launched “Soul Provider: Profiting from Great Enquiry Management.”

The team at Coachworks Consulting has decades of experience in car sales, sales management and marketing. We’ve distilled all that knowledge and Intellectual Property and used it to inform Soul Provider.

Now we’re looking for three retailers to pilot the programme so we can show the industry just how effective it is. In return, we’re halving our fees!
That’s a significantly discounted 26-week programme for car sales departments that will improve revenues and customer retention by transforming attitudes to enquiry management.

In this climate, it’s no longer good enough to fork out good money on enquiry management systems without any thought to culture change, leadership or building rapport with customers.

Soul Provider shows your team how to identify different buyer types – and how to increase sales by treating each one accordingly.

It will give you strategies to differentiate your business from the competition, strengthen sales coaching and control and deliver greater margin retention and up-sell.

If this is the sort of change you can handle, we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for three pilot dealer groups. One in the North, one in the Midlands and one in the South.

Give us a call on 01335 324325, find out more at www.coachworks-consulting.com or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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