Pole 2 Pole: From Guerilla Tactics to World Class Habits

23 November 2012

Coachworks Consulting and Motor Trade Consulting UK have revealed details of their Pole 2 Pole workshops – a ground-breaking programme addressing the polarisation in retailer performance.

Pole 2 Pole: From Guerilla Tactics to World Class Habits

The topics discussed during this one-day interactive programme will range from “guerrilla tactics” for survival to industry-leading habits to release cash immediately for investment.

This is the first joint initiative created by the two businesses, and it is being driven and delivered by Coachworks Managing Director Karl Davis and Simon Parker, Managing Director at Motor Trade Consulting.

Mr Davis said: “We are so excited about this project because there is nothing else like it out there.

“We have an extensive breadth and depth of real-world experience and we have used every bit of that to create these workshops. My background is in sales and aftersales for both retailers and manufacturers and for more than 11 years I’ve been a consultant for some of theUK’s best manufacturers and dealers.

“Simon is a qualified Chartered Accountant and he’s worked as a lending manager with a leading finance house, for three manufacturers in operations and network development and until recently he was a director of a retail motor group during some of the darkest times of the recession.

“It is a unique combination delivering unique insights in a unique way and it will help retailers identify and deliver transformational growth no matter what is happening in the rest of the industry.”

Mr Davis said Pole 2 Pole will help delegates to retail their way to growth at a time when cash and reserves are at a premium.

It will also show the top performers how to optimise resources to improve cash flow and fund expansion.

He said: “When cash is tight you have to turn stock quicker and sweat your assets. Pole 2 Pole will reveal the guerrilla tactics and the things you can do to more effectively manage working capital, people, performance-related pay and relationships with banks.

“These tactics will deliver immediate gains and form the basis of world-class habits in the long-term.”

Mr Parker said: “The UK automotive industry is continually delivering a polarised performance. The highest performers continue to grow their profits whilst the industry average remains depressingly close to one per cent ROS.

“Around 50 per cent of the industry is forecasting losses in 2012. For many, this will not be sustainable in 2013.

“In the wider economy, insolvencies are declining, but this is in stark contrast to the retail motor industry, which is seeing business failures increase – even though there is a year on year increase in registrations.

“This is not the usual theoretical ‘chalk and talk’ event. At the end of this one-day Directors’ workshop, delegates will be able to act as internal consultants for the business and they will take with them a quantified action plan which will allow them to move the business forward to the next level of performance.”

The workshops take place in both the north and the south to maximise the range of dealers able to benefit.

For more information on Pole 2 Pole, visit http://www.coachworks-consulting.com/pole-2-pole.htm or call 01335 324325.

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