Eyes Firmly on The Road Ahead at J Toomey Motors

17 October 2012

Essex group J Toomey Motors is already benefitting from taking part in The Road Ahead – just weeks after completing the Coachworks programme.

Eyes Firmly on The Road Ahead at J Toomey Motors

Almost every employee took part in the project, which addressed the need to improve revenues and customer service across the business by taking enquiry management to the next level.

The half-day programme, delivered four times over two days, followed an authentic mystery shop and analysis of current performance.

Workshops concentrated on transforming how every department dealt with enquiries – and highlighting the cost to the business of getting it wrong.

Barry Ives, Managing Director at J Toomey, said: “Every time the phone rings, the door swings or the email pings, you have to deal with that enquiry effectively.
“In a short space of time we managed to change the way we do things for the better. Now when I walk through the business I can hear that people in every department are dealing with customers and potential customers differently.

“The Road Ahead is a win/win. It benefits the business, it benefits the employees and it benefits the customers.”

Attendees learnt how to identify the four types of buyer and the need to deal with each differently.

The opportunities to sell were highlighted, and everyone learned of the need to demonstrate expertise and sell on value rather than price.

Employees also took part in exercises that showed them genuine gross profit figures for sales and aftersales, the actual costs and overheads involved in making sales, and the impact those costs have on net profits.

Other activities demonstrated how the digital age is changing the automotive industry forever – and why that means people in the industry have to change as well.

The results from authentic mystery shops showed the further potential J Toomey had to optimise the customer experience and introduce additional opportunities to sell.

Mr Ives said: “We had about 80 people on the programme. That was pretty much everyone who interacts with a customer either on the phone or on the front line.

“They are now much more business-savvy and they see the opportunities. They also realise the financial consequences of getting it wrong and the benefits to them, their colleagues and the business of getting it right.

“It was all about culture change. The world’s a changing place and we have to change with it – and fast.

“That’s not necessarily an easy message, but everyone really enjoyed the programme and participated extremely well.”

Karl Davis, Managing Director of Coachworks, said: “The Road Ahead changes how people perceive where they work and that helps them change the way they act.

“There are different buyer types and different ways of dealing with those types.

“Showing empathy, demonstrating expertise and selling on value improves revenues and it improves customer service.

“We’re pleased J Toomey is seeing immediate benefits from the programme, and we’re confident it will benefit the business for a long time to come.”

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