Going for Growth - Whatever the Economic Climate

28 June 2012

Automotive industry specialist Coachworks Consulting has carried out growth appraisals at two Vauxhall retailers.

Going for Growth - Whatever the Economic Climate

Both now have a clear understanding of the strengths of their outlets and the opportunities that exist to increase car sales and aftersales.

The growth appraisals, one of which took place at Bristol-based Saltford Motors, were delivered after the retailers commissioned Coachworks to carry out authentic mystery shops.

These assessed how well sales and service enquiries were handled – and identified missed opportunities to increase revenues.

Richard Selfe, a Consultant at Coachworks, said: “Most mystery shops in the automotive industry are spotted a mile off. Ours use trained actors, and the decades of experience we have in the sector means we can make them really authentic.

“The mystery shopping exercise is followed by a one-to-one with the business leader to share what we’ve found. We will then walk through how service and car sales are dealt with by the business, using the ‘tell me, show me’ approach.

“That helps identify what is going well and what is going not so well, where there is a disconnect between what people believe is happening and what is actually happening, and where the key opportunities for growth are.”

At the end of the one-day appraisal, clients have a clear view of the strengths and opportunities in the business, and these findings are backed up with a written report.

Warren Hunt, Managing Director at Saltford, said: “The growth appraisal was a fresh pair of eyes for us and it helped us to see the wood from the trees. We have already changed the way we do things as a result and I fully expect to see that deliver significant benefits in both the short and long terms.

“The recommendations made by Coachworks and their coaching motivated us to strive harder and to excel further. They never disheartened us, they only encouraged and helped us to make our business succeed and grow.”

Karl Davis, Managing Director at Coachworks Consulting, said: “A growth appraisal is the start point for almost all the work we do with clients. In effect, it’s a needs analysis for the business, but even in isolation it provides a retailer with an objective, fresh pair of eyes.

“The value of growth appraisals is clear. You could spend a bit of extra time with external accountants, who will count your money, or you could spend less on an appraisal like this that is actually going to make you money.

“Sometimes established retailers are just too close to their business to see things objectively. Commissioning credible and trusted outsiders to take a look at a business with fresh eyes almost always identifies a raft of incremental profit opportunities.

“Growth appraisals are particularly welcomed by smaller retailers, because the return on a relatively small amount of money represents tremendous value.”
For more information about growth appraisals and Coachworks Consulting, visit www.coachworks-consulting.com or call 01335 324325.

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