Coachworks Goes Mobile

28 June 2012

Coachworks Consulting has launched its new website – and it can now be viewed with ease by mobile technology such as smartphones and tablet devices.

Coachworks Goes Mobile has a new look, reflecting the expanded range of services and areas of expertise covered by the automotive specialist and making it easier for visitors to tap into the wealth of free advice on the site.

In addition, the same address viewed on a mobile device brings up pages optimised for smartphones.

Karl Davis, Managing Director at the UK automotive business improvement specialist, said: “Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google, says that if you haven’t got a mobile strategy then you haven’t got a strategy. That’s especially true in the UK, which leads the world in internet usage, and that’s why we’ve invested in these developments.

“The interest in our programmes from retail groups and manufacturers has been increasing significantly for some time, and that’s led to more and more people viewing the website.

“Hits on our website are up 300 per cent this year and visit duration has more than doubled. We felt the time was right for an update and we’re really pleased with the results.

“It was also important to optimise the site for mobile devices. Nearly a third of the UK population has bought something using a mobile phone, and 28 per cent of internet usage is through a mobile phone.

“Every car retailer needs to be aware of the image it portrays online, and these days that has to include mobile access.”

Mr Davis added: “It’s also important to remember that technology isn’t the be all and end all. I’m a big admirer of Jim Collins and his books, and his research into truly great companies recognised that technology can’t make your business great, but it can accelerate great people and great processes.

“Exceptional customer service, a sales culture and high-quality leadership are still the foundations upon which growth has to be built, and a mobile strategy provides a wider platform to showcase your products and services.”

For more information, visit or call 01335 324325.

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