Sherwoods Wins Race for Growth

12 January 2012

Northern group Sherwoods has added 40 per cent to its aftersales retail bottom line after teaming up with Coachworks Consulting.

Sherwoods Wins Race for Growth

Sherwoods called in Coachworks to unlock the sales potential in its service departments – a move that led to a 25 per cent increase in retail hours recovered.

In the five months to October 2011, it also produced a £140,000 surge in red and amber VHC work sold on the day compared to the previous five months.

Alasdair MacConachie OBE, Managing Director at Sherwoods, said: “Working with Coachworks has re-energised our team in a magnificent way – and that applies as much to the service engineers as it does to me.

“A lot of our core employees have been here for a long time, and what Coachworks has done is re-energised everyone and got us all working together as a team. It has been an absolute breath of fresh air.

“It’s been a tremendous experience and it has really added to the bottom line in extremely difficult times.”

About 15 aftersales employees took part in the bespoke Race for Growth programme devised by automotive specialist Coachworks, and they were accompanied at every stage of the 26-week business improvement programme by Mr MacConachie.

Karl Davis, Managing Director at Coachworks, said: “We’re really pleased with the results coming out of Sherwoods.

“Great performance comes from great leadership, which is why we insist on the involvement of the most senior manager.

“Alasdair understood that and now the whole group is reaping the rewards. The results fly in the face of the general marketplace, and at a time when showroom sales are hard to come by, service sales become even more important.”

Coachworks is renowned for its no-nonsense and innovative approach to automotive business improvement, and Race for Growth can involve business health checks, mystery shopping exercises and one-to-one coach-backs.

Workshops are attended by small groups that include employees from all levels to make sure the whole business buys in to a programme that changes cultures and transforms attitudes from serving to serving and selling.

After extensive consultation with Alasdair and his senior team, Coachworks devised a programme aimed at growing revenues and retaining clients by delivering exceptional customer care and selling products such as service plans and warranties.

Karl paid tribute to the team at Sherwoods, which represents Vauxhall and Chevrolet in Darlington, Stockton and Northallerton.

He said: “Race for Growth always acts as a wake-up call and reality check to everyone in the dealership.

“But it’s also extremely motivational and it changes procedures and attitudes so businesses take on a whole new trajectory.

“Staff at Sherwoods got behind the whole project and we’re proud to have helped one of the most respected Vauxhall dealers in the UK deliver business-changing sales growth in retail hours and retention products.

“Investment in Race for Growth, which delivers long-term and significant improvements, is self-financing and a prudent investment that results in significant sales increases both immediately and in the long term.”

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