Securing Client Confidence

01 March 2010

Finding and maintaining good supplier relationships is integral to business success. Moreover, finding a supplier who consistently delivers on promises – provides measurable results and whose approach is reliable whilst bespoke; is the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Securing Client Confidence

The programme – Race for Growth is focussed on improving service in aftersales.  Managing Director, Vince Courtney has worked with Coachworks Consulting in the past and did not hesitate in engaging their services again Whilst this is a popular programme being delivered to many clients, each programme is tailored to the individual client and its business plan.  Karl Davis, Principal Consultant at Coachworks Consulting believes that: “it is important to take good cloth i.e. the programme and cut it to fit the client.”

When Courtney realised there were skills gaps in his new business he knew exactly who to contact to help his employees to improve their skills bases.  Courtney said: “Having worked with Coachworks several times before and witnessed what they can achieve, they’re once again my preferred partners”.

The programme is delivered through a combination of workshops, one-to-one coaching and mystery shopping.  This allows Coachworks Consulting to deliver real life advice to the delegates and understand where the strengths and weaknesses of individuals lie.

Importantly Coachworks Consulting understands the value of good customer relationships and work hard at maintaining these.  This hard work is borne out by Courtney and Sewards absolute confidence in their preferred supplier – Coachworks Consulting.

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