Ashbourne - not your average business location...

24 February 2010

A room with quite a view!

Ashbourne - not your average business location...

We are often asked about our offices and the town that we work near.  Coachworks Consulting is lucky to be based in the Derbyshire countryside just outside a town called Ashbourne which is the gateway to the Peak District.

One quirk of Ashbourne is the annual Shrovetide Street Football game which is played on the streets of Ashbourne every year.  The game is played over two days on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, starting each day at 2.00 pm and lasting until 10.00 pm. If the goal is “goaled” before 5.00pm a new ball is turned up and play restarts from the town centre, otherwise play ends for the day. Despite the name, the ball is rarely kicked. Instead it generally moves through the town in a series of hugs, like a giant scrum in rugby, made up of dozens if not hundreds of people.  Play takes place between two goal posts set 3 miles apart, players play over fields, through streets, in the river and the only truly off limits places are Churches, cemeteries and town memorial grounds.

This year was a particularly busy year for the Shrovetide game and this photo was taken from the first floor of Emma – our Business Development Manager’s home.  This photo gives you a taste of what the “hug” looks like from above in the middle of the day.  Yes, the fence did break and the hug passed by again just before 10pm on Ash Wednesday on its way to Sturston Mill.  Unfortunately the late goal was disallowed giving the downards their first win for 15 years with a score of 1-0.  This is the fabric of life for us here in Ashbourne.

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