Driving Success Through Leadership Not Management

19 November 2009

Leading business performance from good to great
Karl Davis, Coachworks Consulting
By Tim Rose

Driving Success Through Leadership Not Management

Driving success in the dealership is about leadership, not just management, said Karl Davis, principal consultant of Coachworks Consulting.

Recruiting right-minded people, empowering staff and coaching them will benefit the business, he said, as will keeping them aware of the hard-commercial facts about its performance and the opportunities available.

This will also enable the leader to do more of what drives the company forward and less of the tasks that don’t contribute to the overall purpose.

Ultimately, in retail there are only three ways to do better; sell more, at more margin and at a lower cost.

Davis said directors should walk through the whole business and engage with every part of it to fully understand what is going on.

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