Hodgson Newcastle on a Race for Growth

15 June 2009

Positivity in the workplace has become more important now than ever as workers within the automotive sector are bombarded with negative press in the daily media.

Hodgson Newcastle on a Race for Growth

At Hodgson’s, the north- east-based dealer group, keeping morale high is a top priority for the business.

David Lowes, Hodgson group general manager, said: “The amount of pressure on staff has definitely increased as a result of the recession.

“The key thing is to keep staff involved at every step. They need to know what’s coming ahead.”

Hodgson has been lucky throughout the economic downturn and has not needed to resort to making redundancies.

Lowes said: “We are communicating to staff much more frequently about what’s going on within the business – all the positives and negatives – so they can feel confident they know what’s happening.

“We’ll get our entire staff together every six weeks and there’s a lot more one-on-one sessions with people now.”
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